Physics 1020 laboratory 5 momentum and impulse

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Unformatted text preview: e Momentum Conservation and Impulse The momentum of a system is defined as the sum of all the momenta of all the objects in the system; p sys pi p1 p2 ... i The next two statements are the most important for this lab and you should refer back to them throughout the lab. If a system has no net external force, then, momentum is conserved psys psys i f If a system has net external force, then momentum is not conserved psys psys i f Physics 1020 Laboratory #5 Momentum and Impulse Part II: The Experiment Setting up for a collision. Physics 1020 Laboratory #5 Momentum and Impulse Weighing the Masses Cart 1 will have 1 black cart block. Cart 2 will have 2 black cart blocks. The carts and blocks already have labels on them. Do not mark on those labels. Be sure to record the labels in Table 1. For the next step, place the carts UPSIDE DOWN to weigh them. Find the mass of Cart 1 with one block and the plastic card. You can place everything together on the balance but keep the cart upside down and take care not to let anything fall. Likewise measure the mass of Cart 2 with two blocks. Use the labels to keep track of everything and record your data in Table 1. Position your track on the table so that you will be able to easily reach it and make sure that it is level so you will not have any systematic uncertainty associated with that. Physics 1020 Laboratory #5 Momentum and Impulse Get on Track Place both carts on the track. Place the motion detector at one end. Place Cart 1 and 2 about 40cm and 75cm away from the detector respectively. Attach a plastic card to Cart 1 securely using some masking tape so that the card faces the motion detector. The ends of the cart with velcro must be facing each other! The spring loaded plungers on the carts must also be pushed in and secured (to do this push the plunger in and then up). Motion Detector 40cm 75cm Cart 1 Cart 2 Physics 1020 Laboratory #5 Momentum and Impulse Opening Logger Pro Make sure that your LabPro interface is plugged in and turned on. Plug the Motion Detector into DIG/SONIC 1 on the side of the LabPro. Launch Logger Pro by clic...
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