Exchange the masses so that you have 200g as the

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Unformatted text preview: constant. Run the experiment again. Record the data in your laboratory workbook. Do three more runs with 30.0g, 40.0g and 50.0g as the falling mass, with the total mass constant. Record your data in your laboratory workbook Table 1. Your laboratory workbook should have data for five runs with falling masses from 10.0g to 50.0g. Physics 1020 Laboratory #4 Force and Acceleration Part IV: Analysis Finding the total mass. Physics 1020 Laboratory #4 Force and Acceleration Plotting Weight versus Acceleration QUESTION 1: By applying Newton’s Second Law to each mass, show that QUESTION 2: By comparing this equation with the equation of a straight line, show that plot of WB vs a is a straight line. To start Graphical Analysis WB (mA mB )a f CLICK HERE CLICK HERE In Graphical Analysis you are going to plot the weight of the hanging mass versus the acceleration of the system. In the Graphical Analysis data table enter values of W and a from Table 1. Physics 1020 Laboratory #4 Force and Acceleration Interpreting the Graph...
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