In the graphical analysis data table enter values of

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Unformatted text preview: Do a linear fit, , and double click the fit box to get the experimental uncertainties. Put the fit parameters in laboratory workbook Table 2. QUESTION 3:What physical quantities do the slope and intercept represent? Using a lab balance, weigh the cart, the card, the string and all the masses. PLACE THE CART UPSIDE DOWN ON THE BALANCE. QUESTION 4: From your slope and intercept and the answer to Question 3, what are the total mass (mA+mB) and the force due to friction (f) for the system? Include the experimental uncertainties of each. Physics 1020 Laboratory #4 Force and Acceleration Interpreting the Graph QUESTION 5: Write the total mass, including its experimental uncertainty and units as recorded on the balance. QUESTION 6: Does your value of the total mass from the graph agree with the measured total mass, within the experimental uncertainty? Hint: Write down the range (minimum to...
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