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Unformatted text preview: s 1020 Laboratory #4 Force and Acceleration Aligning the Photogate and Card - Important! The plastic card is shown at right. It has a length of 13.6 cm. Place the plastic card in the cart and the cart on the track as shown. Make sure that the plastic card blocks each photogate as the cart passes through it. If not, adjust the height of the photogates. [Recall from lab 3 how to check if the gate is blocked.] Physics 1020 Laboratory #4 Force and Acceleration Adjusting String and Pulley The string cannot be too long and it must be horizontal. Be sure from this point on NOT TO LET THE CART ROLL OFF THE BENCH!! Temporarily attach the string to the cart with a 10.0g mass attached to the end and be sure to keep a hold of the cart. First, adjust the height of the pulley so that the string is horizontal. Second, guide the cart through the second photogate so that the card is not in the p...
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