Physics 1020 laboratory 4 force and acceleration

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Unformatted text preview: #4 Force and Acceleration Object In this lab you will learn something about Newton’s Second Law. In particular you should 1. Become familiar with Newton’s Second Law 2. Become more familiar with interpreting graphs 3. Determine the total mass of the cart/mass system Physics 1020 Laboratory #4 Force and Acceleration Part II: Setup Putting together the equipment. Physics 1020 Laboratory #4 Force and Acceleration Equipment The setup consists of a dynamics cart, plastic card, a track, photogates, a pulley, string and a set of masses. Set it up as pictured while taking care to do the following: The photogates need to be attached to the track by brackets and they should be located at 30cm and 80cm so the card is not blocking the photogate when it starts or stops. To attach them you will need to slip the nut into the groove on side of the track and then screw the support rod into the nut. Then you can screw the photogates in the...
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