Tie the string to the front of the cart and hang the

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Unformatted text preview: the 10.0g mass from the hanging string and hold the cart at the end of the track farthest from the pulley. Click on Collect AND wait until it turns to Stop to start the data collection. Release the cart but CATCH IT BEFORE IT HITS THE PULLEY. Press Stop to stop the data collection. Logger Pro will have collected the data for this run and calculated the velocities and acceleration. Physics 1020 Laboratory #4 Force and Acceleration Repeat with Different Falling Mass but Constant Total Mass In Table 1 of your laboratory workbook record the mass of the falling mass, the weight of the falling mass, and a for this run. You will need to calculate the weight of the falling mass. Have an instructor check the first data set for a reasonable value of a. Exchange the masses so that you have 20.0g as the falling mass, and 30.0g on the cart. The total mass of the system stays...
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