Record the frequencies of the observed harmonics in

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Unformatted text preview: f your Laboratory workbook. PHYSICS 1021 Experiment 3 Part III: Resonance in a tube Data Analysis Launch Graphical Analysis by clicking on the icon below. Plot frequency versus harmonic number for your pipe. Create a linear fit to your graph by clicking Analyze then Linear Fit. Find the uncertainty in your slope and intercept by double clicking on the pop up box and clicking the boxes for standard deviation for slope and intercept. Record the slope, intercept, and uncertainties in Table 4. Print your graph by clicking Print then Print Graph. PHYSICS 1021 Experiment 3 Part III: Resonance in a tube Data Analysis QUESTION 7: QUESTION 8: Use your slope and your result from Question 6 to determine the speed of sound in air. Don’t forget units and uncertainty. Using the equation from the introduction and the room temperature written on the board, determine the theoretical value for the speed of sound in air. Are the two values equal within the uncertainty? Comment. How does your intercept compare to your expected value? Explain. PHYSICS 1021 Experiment 3 Summary QUESTION 9: Sketch the standing wave pattern for n = 4 for the tube open at both ends. QUESTION 10: List one source of systematic uncertainty in this experiment. List one source of random uncertainty in this experiment. QUESTION 11: Explain why there are multiple peaks in the FFT graph. PHYSICS 1021 Experiment 3 Wrap it up! Check that you have completed all the Tables of your Laboratory workbook. Make sure that you have answered all the Questions completely. Attached to your Laboratory workbook should be the following graph: Frequency vs Harmonic Number (Graphical Analysis) Don’t forget to sign out!...
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