Measure the height h of the bottom of the track

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Unformatted text preview: height h of the bottom of the track relative to the table. Weigh the mass m using a triple beam balance. The uncertainty in the balance is 0.1 g. Refer to Experiment 1 to estimate the uncertainty of a metre stick. Enter these results in Table 1 of your Activity Log. H h R Physics 1050 Experiment 4 Part III: Conservation of Energy Initial Predictions QUESTION 1: Draw a free body diagram for the mass while it is on the middle of the track. Label all forces. QUESTION 2(a): Write down the equation for the mechanical energy when the mass is at the top of the track (just before it is released). 2(b): Write down the equation for the energy of the mass as it emerges from the bottom of the track. 2(c): Do you expect these energies to be the same or different? Why? Before proceeding, have an instructor come check your answers and initial your lab report. Physics 1050 Ex...
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