You may assume air resistance is negligible include

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Unformatted text preview: ance is negligible. Include direction and uncertainty. ! You will need to use kinematics! You may use the uncertainty equation "v "R 1 "h = + v R 2h Determine the energy of the mass at the top of the track (just before it is released). You may use your results from Question 2. ! QUESTION 5: Determine the energy of the mass as it emerges from the bottom of the track. Physics 1050 Experiment 4 Part IV: Projectile Motion Data Analysis QUESTION 6: Using these results, determine the work due to friction. QUESTION 7: Given that the track has a length of 0.438 m, determine the average frictional force between the track and the mass. Physics 1050 Experiment 4 Part V: Summary QUESTION 8(a): Assuming friction to be negligible, determine the theoretical velocity with which the mass would emerge from the bottom of the track. Include uncertainty...
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