The range of wavelengths of light produced by the

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Unformatted text preview: e range of 620–750 nm. " Lab Report 9: Compare your results to the expected result. Physics 1051 Laboratory #6 Diffraction Part VI: Summary Lab Report 10: What would happen to the interference pattern if you increase the slit spacing of the diffraction grating? Why? Lab Report 11: What is the smallest value of d for which an interference pattern is produced? Could this interference pattern be observed in our experimental setup? Explain. Lab Report 12: Lab Report 13: Outline briefly the steps of your experiment. Lab Report 14: List at least three sources of experimental uncertainty and classify them as random or systematic. Justify the classification. List your experimental results and comment on how they agreed with the expected results. Physics 1051 Laboratory #6 Diffraction Wrap it up! Check that you have completed your Lab Report. Your report should include a copy of your graph. Each partner should include half of the paper marked with the locations of the interference pattern....
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