DesignMBA - clients but instead they chose to focus on New...

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Lydia Mulero February 11, 2008 Robbie Vitrano: Design as the new MBA Robbie Vitrano is a very animated and interesting person. I was impressed by his tale of beginning his company, Trumpet. I liked how instead of following the traditional advertising business model that everyone else was using, he took a step back and decided to start from a new vantage point. He spoke of how he chose not to follow the money, and instead focus on just putting out good design. From where it was when Trumpet began, it has come a long way. Using Vitrano’s design-business model it has become a premier advertising company in New Orleans, as well as nationally. I was especially impressed at their loyalty to New Orleans following Katrina. Before the storm they had many account in New York and across the US. They could easily have relocated and continued work with their national
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Unformatted text preview: clients but instead they chose to focus on New Orleans and become completely local. They have helped the tourism and rebirth of this city incredibly. Their advertising that focuses on humor to portray New Orleans’s drinking culture as well as Katrina shows their connection to their audience as well as their client. His theory that design is the new business intrigued me. I have been told throughout college that there’s lots of money in design, but I always assumed they said that to everyone. Now that I heard Vitrano’s musings on how there’s a new economic age, I actually can see how there would be money there. Those of us that are creative have the upper hand in that creativity cannot be taught. Creatives will be needed to find new and better ways to do everything so that our world is more beautiful, economical, and ecological....
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DesignMBA - clients but instead they chose to focus on New...

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