Here is a sample of some useful shape factors taken

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Unformatted text preview: Ti − To Q= RTotal € Here is a sample of shape factors from your text: € 5 6 7 Shape Factors •  Many shape factors are tabulated in a number of Heat Transfer Handbooks. Here is a sample of some useful shape factors taken from the Handbook of Heat Transfer, McGraw ­ Hill, 1985: 8 Shape Factors 9 Shape Factors 10 Shape Factors •  Shape factors can also be approximated from many one dimensional solu4ons. •  Other solu4ons can be used to approximate situa4ons where no shape factor is available. •  Two rules for shape factor “equivalence”: –  Rule #1 – Preserve the smaller surface area (inside or outside). –  Rule #2 – Preserve the volume of the “conduc4ve” material in the system. 11 Example  ­ 1 •  Calculate the heat transfer rat...
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