Use two approaches 1 find appropriate shape factors

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Unformatted text preview: e from the cubical oven enclosure having an outside side length of W=5 m, and a wall thickness of t=0.35 m. The thermal conduc4vity of the wall is 1.4 W/mK, and there is an outside heat transfer coefficient of ho=5 W/m2k and an ambient temperature of 25 C. The inside surface is constant at 1100 C. Use two approaches: –  1) Find appropriate shape factors from the table in your text or from the tables provided. –  2) Using the two modelling rules approximate the cubical enclosure as a spherical enclosure. 12 Example  ­ 2 •  Compare the shape factor for the system composed of a circular hole in a square bar, with that approximated using a circular hole in a circular bar. 13 Example  ­ 3 •  Compare the shape factor for a spherical enclosure in an infinite medium to that of a cubical enclosure in an infinite medium. Using the solu4on for the spherical enclosu...
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