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Law of Mass Communication Prof. Hilferty Feb. 7, 2008 Test Name: Lydia Mulero 1. Aristotle's concept of a just balance between personal interests and communal concerns is called the C. golden mean 2. Statutes may be enacted by legislatures B. at the federal, state or local level 3. Courts of appeal B. establish precedent 4. Laws are well tailored when they A. are not vague or overbroad 5. Among the three branches of government, the executive branch is C. co-equal 6. Courts find content-based restrictions of speech constitutional if they D. pass strict scrutiny 7. Prior restraints on speech are D. presumptively unconstitutional and exceptional remedies 8. Content-neutral regulations are also called D. time, place and manner regulations 9. In New York Times v. United States , the Supreme Court said that C. prior restraints are constitutional when speech poses a clear and present danger to a government interest of the highest order 10. Although the First Amendment stands as a nearly complete ban on prior restraints, they may be constitutional to prevent A. obscenity B. incitements of violence C. interference with ongoing military operations in times of war D. incitements to overthrow the government E. all of the choices are correct
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11. Categorical balancing A. balances whole categories of speech against competing rights to determine the extent of constitutional protection 12. Laws that protect national security by punishing speakers who incite violent actions are D. constitutional if they pass the Brandenburg test 13. Chilling effect is the name used to describe C. the tendency for unclear government regulations to discourage the exercise of
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Take Home Test - Law of Mass Communication Prof Hilferty...

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