2nd midterm review sheet-07

2nd midterm review sheet-07 - Philosophy 180: Intro. to...

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Philosophy 180: Intro. to Social and Political I. Key Terms and Names Logic - reasoning, basis of asserting something is true argument, premise, conclusion - valid/sound justification - result on an argument skepticism (skeptic) - doubting the legitimacy political authority/ legitimacy Liberalism (J.S. Mill) - individual is primary. Government should put subjects first Socialism (Engels; - all decisions made by state for the common good Mao) - socialism is intermediate stage before communism. State ownership and means of production. Govt is legitimate if its taking all necessary steps towards communism. Capitalism is necessary evil, so that state can seize all necessary industry. Prevent “running dogs of imperialism” historical materialism self - regarding/other - regarding acts harm principle - if action is harmful to someone else, it should be a law. JS Mill, liberalism distinct and assignable obligations principle - liberalism, JS Mill. Not against the law but something you don’t do. Not subject to law. “guys don’t break girls hearts” utilitarianism - greatest good for the greatest number of people. slavery/feudalism/capitalism/socialism - Epochs of European development. Characteristics of social classes Communism - state ownership of means of production. Seizure of proletariate (the working class). Alienation abolished. Prudential arguments - a certain course of action is (or is not) wise in ones interest or desireable. moral arguments
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2nd midterm review sheet-07 - Philosophy 180: Intro. to...

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