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PHIL180 final review - Philosophy 180 Final Review...

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Philosophy 180 Prof. Ann Cudd Final Review Checklist (Please also review the two Midterm Review Checklists) I. Key Terms natural rights - theory of individual rights that claims rights are grounded on some facts about humans that is independent of society or convention. positive rights - prescribes or requires certain actions. Impose a moral obligation on a person to do something for someone. Individual human rights that claim rights are grounded on explicit social conventions. Negative rights - proscribe or forbid certain actions. Oblige others to refrain from interfering with someone's attempt to do something. * a negative right to life would require others to refrain from killing a person. A positive right to life would require others act to save the life of someone who would otherwise die civil rights - the valid claims that individuals can make against their government and against others as adjudicated and enforced by a legitimate controlling legal authority. Relative to a legal system but system must be legitimate. human rights - Express ultimate weighty, moral concerns; Claims on the institutional order of any comprehensive social system. Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Universality of Rights - equally possessed by and equally binding upon each and every human being. CEDAW - Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women equal opportunity - a social injustice whereby persons are disadvantaged or denied full autonomy by systemic, structural features or their society de facto equality - missing women - oppression - systematic harm done to persons as a member of a social group. marginalization - inability to be employed powerlessness –lack of social status exploitation - transfer of product from one group to another cultural domination - group norms made invisible by dominating culture’s norms. Violence - harmful physical force. economic oppression - the oppression of persons who lack economic security; Assumes that there is a positive right not to be hungry or to be educated. Those who hold the constraint view of rights argue that economic oppression consists in systematic violations of property rights internal freedom - freedom from internally generated oppressive constraints. external freedom -   freedom from externally imposed oppressive constraints. privilege
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PHIL180 final review - Philosophy 180 Final Review...

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