Reason and Commitment Class 6

Denied on the basis of the de facto pluralism in post

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Unformatted text preview: Hobbes, Spinoza) ! The pacification of religious antagonism through a politics of toleration (Spinoza, Locke, Bayle) ! The emergence of “civil society” (Ferguson, Smith, Hegel) ! The rise of commercial ideology? Neo ­Pyrrhonian scepticism ! “denied the existence of secure criteria for establishing the truth of any proposition” ! denied – on the basis of the de facto pluralism in post ­ Reformation societies – the thesis of moral realism (the idea that there are moral and political truths to be discovered by human reason) Pierre Charron’s scepticism about the “dignity” of the human mind “...there is nothing great upon the earth but man, nothing great in man but his spirit; if a man ascend to it, he ascendeth above the heavens. These are all pleasing and plausible words whereof the Schooles do ring. But I...
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