Reason and Commitment Class 5

the causal straussian political theory antipositivism

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Unformatted text preview: philosophy of history that sees human history as the unfolding or progressive self ­disclosure of “mind” or “spirit”  ­A litany of famous texts (The Republic, The Prince, Leviathan, etc.) the causal Straussian political theory ! Anti ­positivism, anti ­historicism: refusal of the separation of fact from value; impossibility of understanding thought without evaluating it ! Critique of Weberian axiological neutrality in social science: political philosophy a “science” in sense of being concerned with what is true and good ! Trial and death of Socrates the founding moment of political philosophy ! Modern political though (Machiavelli, Hobbes) a positivistic decline from Greek thought A marxian reading of 17th century political thought Hobbes a more complex, aristocratically ­inclined thinker than MacPherson’s bourgeois caricature (“The Social Origins of Hobbes’s Political Thought”, 1965) The Impact of Logical Positivism ! The Verification Pri...
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