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0 RUELA D. VILLAROZA Subject Teacher LEARNING MODULE Mathematics G9| Q2 Sequences and Series
1 MATHEMATICS 9 Module1: Sequences And Series INTRODUCTION AND FOCUS QUESTION(S): Have you ever wondered how outcomes in certain real-life could be solved mathematically? What do businessmen use to predict future sales? How do bank executives deal with fluctuating rates such that the business does not go bankrupt? Have you every asked yourself how even epidemics and nature use the tools of math? Have you at some point in your life used numbers to be able to make sound and logical decisions? In this module, you will discover how important it is to utilize essential mathematical skills to be able to understand these questions that arise in various real-life situations that we encounter everyday and use these skills wisely to be able to come up with the desired output. As you go through this module, think of this question: How can the outcomes of certain real life problems be predicted?