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Munich scene analysis final draft

Munich scene analysis final draft - Symbolism in Munich The...

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Symbolism in Munich The award winning film Munich (2006) was directed by the internationally known Steven Spielberg, and is based on the aftermath of the 1972 Olympic massacre of eleven Israeli athletes and coaches. The historical context combined with Spielberg’s use of cinematic aspects creates a suspenseful thriller. One scene in particular will foreshadow the state of mind that his main character is in at the end of the film. Symbolism, dialogue, and color are effectively used in this scene to foretell the direction of this main character. Cinematic aspects inform the viewer of the main character’s downfall. His name is Avner: a relatively inexperienced assassin who has been chosen to lead a team of four other men. Avner is given a list of targets and is helped by a French informant named Louis. Louis’ family has been in the information business for years and they take a lot of pride in their work. For that reason, a disappointing operation for Avner and his team requires Louis to take Avner to the family home so that he and Louis’ father—Papa—can have a discussion. Although his intentions may seem genuine, the viewer is quickly made aware of Louis’ treacherous disposition towards Avner. This conflict will ultimately hasten the transformation of Avner’s character. To create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, Spielberg exclusively uses light colors in this particular scene. The setting is in a large, beautiful courtyard made of lush green grass and surrounded by the family’s elaborate, cobblestone home. It is a sunny and presumably warm day, made evident by a pesky bee being shooed away by an unknown character in one frame, and a subsequent frame focusing on a different character smelling
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a pink rose.
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Munich scene analysis final draft - Symbolism in Munich The...

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