Lecture 2

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Unformatted text preview: unique to American aviation – major technological advancement Other Advances DELCO produces an electric starter that can be used in automobiles Air cooled engines in production by 1923 Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company develops a 400 horsepower airplane engine in 1926 – the Navy “Wasp” it remains in production until 1960 The “Hornet” is P&W 575 horse engine Other Advances Other Wright Aeronautical also develops a 575 horse powered engine – the “Cyclone” It is used extensively including in the B­17 and DC­3 The development of the more powerful engines for the military helps commercial aviation finally take off Other Developments Other During WWI the government had taken over the railroads – when the war concluded the companies were returned to the railroad companies The railroads were the mainstay of the mail system – air mail only very small % Railroads and others in private section were opposed to the government being in the long distance mail business Early Attempts at Passenger Air 1914 the St Petersburg­Tampa Airboat line – covers 18 mile over water route between the two cities for $5.00 – it folds when tourist season ends Uppercu runs a sightseeing airline in up state New York and then buys a Key West to Havana mail line and supplements it with passengers Early...
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