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Unformatted text preview: Wrights who are slowly fading from the scene now sue Curtiss over the aielron Pioneers Pioneers A rift was created in the previously close knit aviation community The litigation between the Wrights and Curtiss concluded with no clear winner due to WWI 1911 Bell and A.E.A. is granted the patent for aielrons During WWI US government creates “patent pool” (ending patent litigation) Pioneers Pioneers 1910 Curtiss convinces the US Navy to conduct experimentation with seaplane type aircraft and land based aircraft aboard Navy ships 1914 Curtiss designs the “Jenny” a combination of a J and N model biplane The “Jenny” becomes a trainer aircraft for military pilots Curtiss also designed and constructed a state of the art aircraft hull and produced the first twin engine flying boat Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company in 1929 becomes part of the Curtiss­Wright Corporation which mergers 12 Wright and Curtiss companies World War I World While A.E.A. and others are making progress in the US – European leaders invested heavily in aircraft technology They also incorporated aircraft units into their armed forces prior to the war Although Curtiss became the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer during the war (producing some 10,000 planes) European technology in the areas of speed, power, and reliability far exceeded US technology World War I World During the war the US government formed...
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