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Unformatted text preview: r with a 250 mile range The Air Mai Act of 1925 (The Kelly Act) Transfers operation of airmail service from the U.S. Post Office to private carriers by way of competitive bidding. Establishes airmail rates. Clearly expresses Congresses intent that private carriers handle airmail. The Act is titled “ An Act to Encourage Commercial Aviation and to Authorize the Postmaster General to Contract for the Mail Service” The Air Mai Act of 1925 (The Kelly Act) The Act required the Postmaster General to seek competitive bids on the feeder routes to the transcontinental main airmail trunk line between New York and San Francisco Mid­1925 bids are published – 10 companies submit bids for the eight bids to be awarded The genesis for some of today’s major air carriers began with these first contract airmail routes The Air Mai Act of 1925 (The Kelly Act) CAM 3 Chicago to Dallas – operated by National Air Transport, a forerunner of United Airlines CAM 4 Salt Lake City – Los Angeles – awarded to Western Air Express, a forerunner of TWA CAM 5 Elko, Nevada to Pasco, Washington – awarded to Varney Air Lines, a forerunner of United Airlines CAM 6 Detroit ­ Cleveland – awarded to Ford Air Transport CAM 7 Detroit – Chicago – awarded to Ford Air Transport The Air Mai Act of 1925 (The Kelly Act) Six contract airmail (CAM) routes were awarded in early 1926 CAM 1 Boston to New York – operated by Colonial Air Transport – the group included Juan Trippe, who later would found Pan American Airways CAM 2 Chicago­St. Louis – awarded to Robertson Aircraft Co., a forerunner to American Airlines, Chief Pilot is Lindbergh The Air Mai Act of 1925 (The Kelly Act) Ford was...
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