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Unformatted text preview: Airmail Airmail 1921 the Post Office attempted continuous transcontinental airmail service Plan called for 2 planes to leave New York westbound and another 2 to leave San Francisco eastbound – trip would be sequentially flown by fresh pilots and planes, handing off the mail at predetermined points – not unlike the Pony Express Airmail Airmail One of the New York planes discontinued shortly after take off, the 2d made it to Chicago but became weathered in there The first plane out of San Francisco crashed in Nevada, the 2d made it to Reno 12 hours after leaving San Francisco It continued on thru Colorado and Nebraska following bonfires that ground crews had built along the route Airmail Airmail Following the bonfires and an automobile road map the plane, piloted by Jack Knight, made it to Chicago. Mail was relayed to the New York flight and the mail was successfully carried coast to coast in just over 24 hours The previous best transcontinental time was 3 days using the railroads Airmail Airmail Flying mail during the day and handing off to t...
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