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Unformatted text preview: hly encouraged Additionally, a final five­page report will be due on assigned dates by the instructor. Pioneers Pioneers Glenn Curtiss Started as a bicycle racer ­ developed a one cylinder engine kit – installed on bikes Collaborated with Thomas Baldwin on developing a motor for a dirigible 1905 US government purchases a Curtiss Baldwin balloon 1907 Curtiss meets Bell and Selfridge – and the AEA is created Pioneers Pioneers A.E.A. Aeronautical Experiment Association Includes Bell, Curtis, Lt Selfridge, McCurdy, and Fred Baldwin Members agreed to share expenses and to jointly own any successful inventions “Red Wing” an AEA created aircraft powered by a Curtiss V­8 40 horsepower engine Succeeds in public flight in New York March 12, 1908 Pioneers Pioneers A later A.E.A. aircraft “White Wing” had a feature called an “aileron,” that provided movable wing tips This is the forerunner of today’s modern aileron This became the subject of a bitter patent infringement suit by the Wrights AEA never conceded that the aileron in any way infringed on the Wrights patent Pioneers Pioneers Following several more aircraft with varying degrees of success the AEA disbands in 1909 Curtiss continues in business and continues to win competitions and prize money The...
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