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Unformatted text preview: Attempts at Passenger Air Early Uppercu has moderate success with the line (Aeromarine West Indies Airline) using flying boats Expands to 15 a/c carrying nearly 10,000 in one year Two wide publicized accidents, resulting in the deaths of several paxs, illustrates the lack of any government mandated safeguards Business closes in 1923 The Ford Trimotor The Henry Ford (Ford Motor Co) is best known as a car manufacturer – the first mass producer of cars for the public In the mid­20’s Ford used airplanes to transit himself, parts, and machinery between his factory locations He becomes acquainted with William Stout, an idea man and airplane designer The Ford Trimotor The Stout had a passion to build an all metal airplane Ford decided to back Stout who built the all metal a/c Ford bought the plane, and the plant Started Ford Air Transport – regular service between his plants Stout continues to design and develops the Trimotor concept The Ford Trimotor The However, the Stout design is so bad that Ford turns it over to William McDonnell (later of McDonnell­Douglas) Similarities to the Fokker F­7 Trimotor which had hangared for a night in Dearborn 14 passengers, 100 miles per hou...
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