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Aviation history federalairportactof1946

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Unformatted text preview: istory This is the environment that aviation is born into – it was perceived as a glamorous and dangerous enterprise We will examine some of the factors that influenced the birth and growth of aviation and aviation regulation These factors include politics, power struggles, personality conflicts, reputations – good & bad, war, & scandals History of Aviation History This course will look at: The factors that drove the need for aviation regulation The role air mail played in the development of aviation and aviation regulation The early Federal Acts that regulated aviation ­ including History of Aviation History The Air Mail Act of 1925 (Kelly Act) The Air Commerce Act of 1926 The Air Mail Act of 1930 (The Watres Act) The Air Mail Act of 1934 Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938 (1940 amendments) Federal Aviation Act of 1946 History of Aviation History Federal Airport Act of 1946 The Federal Aviation Act of 1958 – creation of the FAA The Department of Transportation Act of 1966 (The NTSB) Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 Federal Aviation Reauthorization Act of 1996 History of Aviation History Post 9­11 Acts The Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA) Public Homeland Security Act History of Aviation History Following WWI a number of aviation industries spring up ­ due in part to the large stock of unused after the war (keep in mind our late entry into the war) This provides the means for numerous people to learn how to fly ­ but commercial aviation companies of the era only survive 2 years History of Aviation History Typically these commercial aviation companies promoted the daredevil image of aviation ­ giving thrill rides, barnstorming, crop dusting, mov...
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