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Unformatted text preview: ernment and transportation industry Includes shipping, railroads, and aviation Background Background The Railroads The Louisiana Purchase provided much of the land needed for the transcontinental railroad (don’t forget Manifest Destiny) The Civil War – impacts on population, migration, and industry State laws authorize creation of private corporations Background Background U.S. government guarantees railroad bonds issued to finance construction of the transcontinental railroad (Pacific Railroad Act) Grants of land by U.S. government for use in construction of the railroads (right of way) Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 – begins national regulation of railroads to curb abuse, refines relationship between, railroads, users of railroads, and government Background Background The Rise of Unionism Americas unique form of government versus som and communism – laissez­faire and Locke – people endowed with natural rights of life, liberty, and property Industrial expansion results in organization of workers – seen significantly in the railroad industry Background Background Labor unrest often accompanied by violence Sherman Antitrust Act allows federal court to issue injunctions to stop strike activities Government ownership of railroads during WWI 1926 Railway Labor Act – allows workers to organize Early Attempts Early Hot Air and hydrogen gas balloons – government use of balloons in war (both US and Europe) Use of balloons in altitude research in US Government funding of lighter than air craft development George Cayley – founder of aerodynamics Otto Lilienthal – extended glider flights as a prelude to flight Early Attempts Early Octave Chanute – the single most important influence on Orville and Wilbur Wright The Smithsonian Institution becomes the repository of data and information regarding glider flight and other experimentation including work of Lilienthal, Chanute, and others Early At...
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