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Unformatted text preview: r the presentation – the maximum should not exceed 10 minutes. Administrative Information Administrative Each student will determine how to discuss or to accomplish the project. Slides are highly, highly encouraged Additionally, a final five­page report will be due on assigned dates by the instructor. Significant Learning Outcomes Significant Proficiency with the use of on­line resources available through the Hunt Library – must be used in conjunction with special project Identify the significant roles that air transportation has played in our economic, social, and political institutions List the major contributions the Post Office made in commercial aviation development Significant Learning Outcomes Significant Identify major pieces of aviation legislation (Handout #1) Understand the significant agencies involved in aviation regulation and their purposes Understand the U.S. position on international and foreign air transportation Have Fun while doing all of these! History of Aviation History Chapters 1 through 4 – do not spend much time on these chapters – but do read them Lawrence (the author) is not only a aviation, maritime, and railway lawyer – he is an instrument rated commercially licensed pilot! Background Background Curve of Progress begins with the rise of Western Civilization and the Rule of Law In 1215, the Magna Carta places the first limitations on absolute government power Cornerstone of personal liberty 1420’s the Renaissance da Vinci 1714 British Parliament creates a prize for solving the problem of longitude Greenwich Mean Time established (Zulu) Background Background The Industrial Revolution Origins of industry and the earliest forms of private corporations Beginning of relationship between industry and government as inventions and their applications began to change socio­economic factors Urbanization, immigration, factory systems, creation of a middle class See figure 2­1 (page 9) Evolving relationship between gov...
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