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Wrong recentclaimsthatgustavwhiteheadflew

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Unformatted text preview: tempts Samuel P. Langley received funding from the US government and the Smithsonian for his flight experiments – Langley’s unsuccessful attempts US government funding for the Smithsonian Institution’s flight data collection and dissemination activities both before and after powered flight Success Success 1899 Smithsonian Institution provide Wright brothers with flight data Birth of Flight – Dec 17 1903 Kitty Hawk Wright Brothers hit the right combination of lift, propulsion, and control and succeed building upon the work of numerous others 1906 US Patent Office issues patent to Wrights Wrong about Wrights? Wrong Recent claims that Gustav Whitehead flew 2 years, 4 months and 3 days before the Wrights flight at Kitty Hawk Remains in controversy URL=­ in­flight­wright­brothers­flew­2­years­after­gustav­ whitehead/%23 URL= /03/13/first­in­flight­wright­brothers­flew­2­ years­after­gustav­whitehead/%23 Success Success 1907 US government issue specifications for an aircraft for government use US Army funding of Ft Myer aircraft trials – disaster 1908 French government purchases the Military Flyer 1908 Wilbur Wright embraced by European governments following demonstration 1909 US War Department purchase military Flyer History of Aviation History Why regulate aviation through legislation, or why regulate it at all?? Bottom Line ­ Today – August 2012 ­ Aviation regulations are the primary means to define and maintain economic and safety standards. History of Aviation History Historically what is the setting in the United States at this time? Continued and expanded industrialization Ford Motor Company Muckrakers – Sinclair Lewis – health and safety concerns over increased industrialization Railroad predominant means of transportation Economic prosperity History of Aviation H...
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