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problem set 1 - firms that are more efficient with the...

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Colleen Clancy, Brian Hodgkinson, Sean Smith Problem Set 1 1. D 2. B 3. B 4. D 5. B 6. C I. a. mean= 7.720833; median=8.015; standard deviation=1.715 b. 25% c. 25% II. a. mean=74.04 years old; b. median=73 years old; c. Q3= 81.5; d. 15; e. slight right skew; f. 9.74 g. C III Final Average Grade= 79.8 IV a. minimum=5, Q1=9.4, Median=14.5, Q3=19.1, Maximum=52.7 b. see attached c. There was a right skew or a positive skew on the data plot. On the box and whisker plot I noticed the mean was greater than the median which let me to conclude that the data was right skewed. d. 4.5—33.1 e. Yes, there are two outliers present. One outlier is at 41.6 and the other is 52.7. These two values are not common inside the subset and therefore the outliers would represent
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Unformatted text preview: firms that are more efficient with the investments. V. a. 897-2033 b. 1749 c. 613 VI. a. see attached b. The median is 20 and the mean is 20.9. Since the mean is slightly greater than the median, we can conclude there is a slight right skew on the data. This seems to show the central tendency of the data is around 20. c. 20 was the most repeated number of what customers paid. 21 and 22 also had extensive amounts of hits as well. 20, 21 and 22 was the general range being charged for the service. d. Early adopters probably were those who paid more for the service because the introduction of new services comes with high prices. VII a. .48 b. .36 c. Not Independent d. .625 215 292 5575...
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problem set 1 - firms that are more efficient with the...

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