Exodus - o General regulations of the covenant o Apodictic...

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Exodus Content The Revelation of Covenant Regulations at Mt. Sinai Ch.19-40 Moses Dominates text through Deuteronomy Chosen by God to lead Israel out of Egypt Revelation of the name YHWH- 3.7-15 o YHWH- “I Am;” “Lord”; tetragrammaton (4 letters) o Adonai- “Lord” “lord” o Elohim- “God”, “gods”; plural in Hebrew Aaron his brother appointed as his aide Plagues and the Passover Ten plagues were signs of YHWH’s power over Egypt’s gods Death of the firstborn (tenth) accomplished Israel’s deliverance Passover instituted to commemorate the exodus The Exodus Date uncertain o Early date 1450 bce o Late date 1250 bce Route uncertain o “Red” Sea crossing- Ch.14 o Pillar- 13.21-22 o Water- 15.22-27; 17.1-7 o The Covenant Regulations Ten Commandments- Decalogue, or “Ten Words”- 20.1-21
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Unformatted text preview: o General regulations of the covenant o Apodictic law- unconditional law • Book of Covenant- 20.22-23.33 o Specific regulations of the covenant o Seek to apply Decalogue to specific situations o Casuistic law- conditional law Breach of the Covenant • The people worship a golden calf- Ch. 32-34 o Moses delays in returning o People urge Aaron to make them “gods” and he fashions a golden calf o Moses breaks first tablets o Plague of judgement o Moses returns to the mountain to receive second tablets Contribution to the OT story • YHWH is a God of faithfulness & redemption • YHWH reveals his expectations for his people as they seek to live in relationship with him. • YHWH is a God who dwells among, or tabernacles with, his people....
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Exodus - o General regulations of the covenant o Apodictic...

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