Ezekial - Ezekiel Historical Background 597 BCE...

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Unformatted text preview: Ezekiel Historical Background 597 BCE Nebuchadnezzar attacks Judah; king Jehoiachin is exiled to Babylon along with royal family & leading citizens; first exile; Ezekiel taken at this time 597-587 BCE Zedekiah king of Judah 589 BCE Nebuchadnezzar attacks Judah due to rebellion by Zedekiah 587 BCE Jerusalem falls & Temple destroyed; Zedekiah exiled; second exile; Obadiah likely prophesied after Jerusalem destroyed 582 BCE Third exile 539 BCE Cyrus conquers Babylon 538 BCE Jews begin to return to Judah & Jerusalem; work begins on Temple but soon stops 520 BCE Jews return under Zerubbabel; Temple work resumes; Haggai & Zechariah prophesied beginning in 520 515 BCE Second Temple completed The Prophet A priest Taken into exile in first Babylonian exile 597 BCE; dates events & prophecies from that year Believed to be 25 years old when taken; called to prophetic ministry @ age 30 when a priest would begin to serve in the Temple Apparently lived in his own house in exile @ Tel Abib on the River Chebar...
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Ezekial - Ezekiel Historical Background 597 BCE...

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