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altered documents are not acceptable 2 proof of

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Unformatted text preview: g. Marriage Certificates, Court Decrees, etc.) Altered documents are not acceptable. 2. PROOF OF IDENTITY If you are not personally known by the staff of the Passport Office, you must establish your identity to their satisfaction. You may submit items such as the following containing your signature and physical description or photograph which is a good likeness of you (e. g. Previous passports; Identification card, Drivers License or Certificate of Naturalization). Altered documents are not acceptable. IF YOU CANNOT PROVE YOUR IDENTITY as stated above, you must appear with an IDENTIFYING WITNESS, a Palauan citizen who has known you for at least two (2) years. Your witness must prove his or her identity and complete and sign an “Affidavit of Identifying Witness” before the Clerk of Court. 3. ONE PHOTOGRAPH Submit one photograph of you, sufficiently recent (taken within the last six (6) months) to be a good likeness of you. It must bear a size of 2”x2”. Photographs must be a clear, front view, full face, taken in normal street attire without a hat or dark glasses, and printe...
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