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Unformatted text preview: _________ EXPIRATION DATE:________________ Receipt No.:__________________ Date paid:______________ Issued by:_____________/______________ ENTERED:_________________ DO NOT WRITE ABOVE THIS LINE PALAU PASSPORT OFFICE Ministry of State P. O. Box 100 Koror, Republic of Palau 96940 Tel No. 680-488-6330/8092 Fax No. 680-488-2443 Email: [email protected] Web: PASSPORT APPLICATION HOW TO APPLY FOR A PASSPORT OF THE REPUBLIC OF PALAU Passports of the Republic of Palau are issued only to citizens of the Republic of Palau. Each person must obtain his or her own passport. IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME APPLICANT, please complete and submit this application personally with: (1) PROOF OF PALAU CITIZENSHIP; (2) PROOF OF IDENTITY; (3) ONE COLOR PHOTOGRAPH; (4) FEE. Check visa requirements with consular offices to be visited. 1. PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP (a) APPLICANTS BORN IN PALAU Submit previous Palau passport or birth certificate. A birth certificate must include your given name and surname, date and place of birth, name of parent(s), date the birth record was filed, and seal or other certif...
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