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If no birth record exists submit baptismal

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Unformatted text preview: ication of the official custodian of such record. IF NO BIRTH RECORD EXISTS, submit baptismal certificate, or early census record along with notarized affidavits of persons having knowledge of your birth. Evidence should include your given name and surname, date and place of birth, and seal or other certification of office and signature of issuing official. (b) APPLICANTS BORN OUTSIDE OF THE REPUBLIC OF PALAU In addition to the documents required in (a) above, submit your previous Palau passport, if any, Certification of Naturalization; Certificate of Citizenship, or evidence described below: IF YOU CLAIM CITIZENSHIP THROUGH BIRTH ABROAD TO ONE OR MORE PARENTS OF RECOGNIZED PALAUAN ANCESTRY, submit proof of parent(s) citizenship, parent(s) birth certificates, and affidavit of Palauan parent(s) showing all periods and places of residence/physical presence in the Republic of Palau and abroad. If your name is not the same as on your birth certificate, provide certified documents showing the reason. (e....
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