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Unformatted text preview: n he ran for office as a “tail­gunner” when there is sufficient evidence to combat that campaign strategy. He wanted to be known and have the image of a fighter and opposite of respectable to the point of almost vulgar. This aspect of his image is enforced by his rhetoric of persecution. Three primary ways that McCarthy built his image: 1) by his method of attack, 2) by his use of (alleged) documentation and 3)by his uncanny knack for receiving newspaper publicity. All three means created the effect of the “multiple untruth”. People think that without the national support of newspapers and their extended coverage, McCarthy would not have been able to build his image. Practice of challenging the patriotism of anyone he thought was communist regardless of who it was and their power. Ann Coulter “McCarthy”: Coulter defends McCarthy’s anti­communist tirade in the 1950’s by saying he was actually ridiculing the Democrats failure to respond to known security threats in high government jobs rather than persecuting individuals. She says that McCarthy was merely citing the number 205 from a letter by Former Secretary of State James Byrne, never claiming he could produce a list of card carrying Communists. Claims that all of McCarthy’s claims have been substantiated by the release of Soviet archives, decrypted top secret Soviet cables, and memos made by the State Department itself. All of this to make the point that liberals write history and conservatives don’t read which leads to democrats being able to make unsubstantiated claims in the media that distort the truth and never get questioned because Republicans don’t read and learn history. Ellis Washington “Why I Praise Sen. Joseph McCarthy”: Second only to Watergate, the liberal propaganda has not been as successful at ruining a single Republican as it was in regards to Sen. McCarthy in the 1950’s. Contends that Liberals actually created the notorious House Un­American Activities Committee (HUAC)...
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