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Unformatted text preview: dging that our opponents are trying, as we are, to do God’s will, we are able to be ambassadors of reconciliation. In that case, our faithfulness in politics depends less on the content of our ideology than on how we view ourselves and treat each other. Faith in politics has more to do with the way faithful people approach politics than with the substance of our positions." “The Crusade: Ronald Reagan and the fall of communism” I’m pretty sure this is coulter’s. This isn’t in any of the readings I can find that he sent us or on the syllabus. Ann Coulter’s article was defending McCarthy. This is actually a book by Paul Kengor? http://www.americanthinker.com/2007/01/ronald_reagan_the_crusader.html Kovalcheck on McCarthy: McCarthy’s political success was closely related to his ability to create an image for himself. When the image deterriorated, so did his political power. An image is defined as a composite representation of the historic personage and of the ideas, policies and sentiments, habitually identified with him. The most prominent part of the McCarthy image was sincerity and courage. People admired his courage to stand up against communism and then also his methods were justified because of his sincerity. Five assumptions made by McCarthy: 1) you cannot oppose communism and McCarthy at the same time. 2) distortion of the facts about McCarthy indicated not merely malice, unbalance, naivete, or unscrupulousness, but also pro­communism. 3) all anti­communists are agreed that reasonable doubt of reliability is sufficient cause for removing employees from gov. service 4) since a vigorous security program is indispensible to legit anti­communism, opposition to it is prima facie evidence of party­lning. 5) those people who have the interests of the US at heart act to advance those interests. These assumptions are based on a belief in McCarthy’s sincerity. Another important aspect of McCarthy’s image was him as a “lone fighter” of communism, this was first seen at the beginning of his career whe...
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