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Unformatted text preview: lar goal or end is articulated as being critical, because this does not mean that any means are okay ∙ It is okay for practices to change and for growth and adaption for modern times Danforth, Faith and Politics http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/politics/july­dec06/faith_10­05.html http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu/blog/2006/10/john­danforths­faith­and­politics Danforth speaks out clearly against the religious right’s conflation of their political agenda with a religious agenda. He argues that no one should presume to embody God’s truth. He castigates the religious right for their focus on wedge issues that drive people apart and that create “tests” for religious orthodoxy. In fact, Danforth looks closely at many of the major wedge issues of our day: abortion, stem cell research, gay marriage, the Schiavo case, and public displays of religion. In Faith and Politics, Danforth provides a blueprint for moving forward that is based on years of hard­won political experience and a life of religious service by calling for Christians to look to the Bible and Christian teachings for ways in which they can practice their faith day to day so as to inspire a trust and focus on common ground, not fringe issues. As a respected former senator, ambassador to Sudan, priest, and especially here as an author who writes openly about political life, and ambition, humbly about his achievements, and above all with clarity and reason that both Republicans and Democrats hear all too little of, Senator Danforth is uniquely qualified to call for the change we so desperately need. ● "Whether religion is a reconciling or divisive force in America depends on the degrees of certainty or humility with which we claim its truths to be our own. If we are convinced that our opinions on social and political questions are the law of God, then people who oppose our opinions become opponents of God. If, in contrast, we recognize the limits of our own understanding of God’s truth, while acknowle...
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