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Unformatted text preview: s seeking to provide rationale for speech departments that were popping up at universities ∙ He was seeking to justify, explain and differentiate the study of rhetoric ∙ He argues there has always been a divide between English and what rhetoric sought to teach so it made sense for them to split because now rhetoric could teach what English thought was below it ∙ Critique of rhetoric similar, but to keep in mind that rhetoric has a very specific purpose­ for one audience at one time with one motive v literature which sought out all audiences at any time ∙ Critique a speech based on its effectiveness, the speakers character and overt purpose, the technical means ∙ This area of study would provide a fuller social history by critiquing what literature did not, and would create an art and an area of study suited to educate elite leaders ∙ Foundational document for the revival of 20th century rhetoric J. Michael Hogan “Rhetorical Pedagogy and Democratic Citizenship” ∙ American democratic revolution is added by our rhetorical revolution ∙ Rhetoric and democracy go hand in hand and rhetoric practice and rhetoric pedagogy help discourse among citizens and aid our government ∙ Rhetoric used to serve the listener but with so many parasites speaking out now most people have just tuned out ∙ This particular piece looks for ways for rhetoric to revive civic engagement ∙ Aren’t attending political meetings and much more passively engaged now ∙ American colleges are part of the problem and technology is not the answer ∙ Revive the rhetorical tradition and studies of rhetoric and of history, and rhetorical criticism ∙ We should learn a little from the citizens of the progressive era and how the citizens debated and came together to find common good and solutions to problems facing their society ∙ Need a renewed commitment to serious speech Balmer Thy Kingdom Come ∙ Republican party can find strong support from evangelic voters, but he thinks th...
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