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Unformatted text preview: to get power and be aggressive, then the movement leaves this dynamic phase is taken over by the practical men of action and becomes a place less for revolution and more as a social institution where one can find fame ∙ Often times successful movements become what they sought to replace ∙ Movements with more terror and a less clear message last longer Fareed Zakaria The Future of Freedom http://www.theglobalist.com/storyid.aspx?storyid=3265 ∙ Variables that create a stable and free democracy ∙ Democracies don’t last as long when you try and democratize it first and liberalize it later ∙ Illiberal democracies mix elections with authoritarianism, they try and form around countries that lack stable economies ∙ The increased democratization of American society and culture has created the issues and failures in the government ∙ Free trade seemed to be on the rise, but then problems arose and the fix to every problem seemed to be more government ∙ They seemed to be opening up opportunities, women and men could vote, more people were directly elected ∙ Success and problems seemed to promote more democracy ∙ People are also upset with democracy and democratic systems and lack public respect for it ∙ People annoyed by pandering of congress but celebrate what makes it possible ∙ Democracies hand over complex problems to unelected groups but then get mad at these institutions ∙ We need a little less democracy and more strong leaders in our society ∙ Direct democracy is not the answer, especially if looking back at ancient Greece ∙ We need better more secure democracy ∙ Unregulated democracy undermines liberty ∙ Countries need to build legitimate institutions that facilitate economic growth because this is the best foundation for a strong democracy and to avoid an illiberal democracy ∙ Leaders who think they need to speak for the people end up unsurping their power, any time a government seeks to expand democracy it has the potential to undermine liberty Wichelns “The Literary Criticism of Oratory” https://webspace.utexas.edu/jw2893/www/dion.html ∙ Tries to put rhetorical studies on par with literary studies and make it a legitimate academic interest ∙ Rhetoric should be taken as seriously as literature and there for criticized as well like it ∙ He wa...
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