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Unformatted text preview: right before WWII to hunt German spies in the government. McCarthy did find Communists and sympathizers throughout the government, Hollywood, and universities. And McCarthy did not abuse his power. Today, no other Republican is as hated by the liberal media as McCarthy (no statues). Washington claims that in fact McCarthy was one of the top three Republican leaders of the 20th century, including Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt. He praises Ann Coulter for being courageous enough to challenge the liberal propaganda and says without her, it probably never would have been. Beasley “You, The People”: Thesis: U.S. presidents promote the shared beliefs hypothesis by rhetorically establishing a civil religion and invoking Americans as God’s chosen people for two purposes: 1) Managing a diverse democracy and 2) to promote attitudinal postures that this ideal (and the one’s associated with it) necessitate. 1) Presidential discourse tries to make it easier for the American people to believe that their differences matter less than their shared spiritual calling and global responsibility as God’s chosen people. The Presidents’ promoted effect on the national community: differences among Americans < civil religion. 2) The civil religion name reasoned and restrained habits of mind (faith, loyalty, calm detachment) as essential characteristics of the American national identity. They then contrast them with foreign nations’ supposed ideals (irrational impulses of nationalism, suspicions of racism, self­involved victimhood, etc) creating why we are “under God” “chosen by God” “special or whatever”. Americans control the urges that foreign countries cannot. 3) America’s civil religion is all­inclusive saying that if an immigrant can adopt these ideals than he is a citizen regardless of where he actually comes from or what color he is. American national identity is in the heart, not the pedigree making it theoretically available to everyone. Pro: American people may need to see the Presidential speeches (state of th...
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