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I Samuel The Development of the Kingdom of Israel Samuel Priest- committed to Eli [high priest] by parents to be trained as a priest; replaces hosue Prophet- 3:19-4:1 Judge- leads Israel successfully against the Philistines; “judged Israel” King-maker: anointed both Saul and David Saul First king of Israel o Tribe of Benjamin o Privately anointed by Samuel @ Ramah- ch.10 o Publicly acclaimed @ Mizpah- ch.10 o Reaffirmed @ Gilgal after delivering city of Jabesh-gilead-ch.11 Presented as warrior king; led Israel against their enemies His “administration” o Jonathan- his son who serves as a leader in Saul’s army o Rejcted as king because of disobedience o Offered sacrifices to YHWH which was not permitted
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Unformatted text preview: o Failed to execute holy war command against Amalekites • Killed at Mt. Gilboa during his last battle against the Philistines David • Anointed by Samuel to be the next king of Israel after Saul’s rejection [ch.16] • Gains reputation as soldier o Kills philistine champion Goliath & becomes soldier in Saul’s army; very successful o Saul becomes suspicious & afraid of David because of his growing reputation as a soldier o Saul tries to kill David on several occasions- 18:11, 19:1, 11, 20; Ch.20 • Flees into Judah- Ch.21-27 o His family and others attach themselves to David; gains following of 600- 22.1-2; 23:13 o Lives among Philistines 16 m onths; befriended by Achish, king of Gath & given Ziklag o Acquires two more wives- Abigail & Ahinoam 25:39-44 o Has two opportunities to kill Saul but refuses- Ch. 24 & 26...
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