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Isaiah The Prophet Prophesied 742-700 BCE in Judah Talmud states he was part of the royal family of Judah II Chr. 26.22 says he wrote the acts of Uzziah o Shear-Jashub: “a remnant shall return” o Maher-shalal-hash-baz: “spoil speeds, prey hastens” Tradition that he was martyred under Manasseh by being sawn in two [assumption of Moses]; Hebrews 11:37 The Prophet’s Call
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Unformatted text preview: • Isaiah 6 o Has vision of YHWH in Temple o Hears seraphim of YHWH’s holiness & becomes conscious of his sin & the sin of his people o His mouth is cleansed in preparation for speaking as a prophet o Volunteers for service as a prophet o Sent to declare the coming of judgment of YHWH o Favorite title for YHWH, “the Holy One of Israel”, likely to developed due to this vision...
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