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Joel - o People called to grieve over judgement Locust...

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Joel Historical Context An exact date for Joel is far from certain; no king(s) mentioned which was customary way of dating prophecy; suggested possible dates o Time of Joash, ca. 835-796 bce o Ca. 600 bce due to similarities with Zephaniah & Jeremiah o After return from exile, sometime in fifth or fourth century bce The reference to the Greeks in 3.6 may give a hint as to the time of the prophet’s work [Alexander’s Conquest ca. 332 bce] The Book 1.1-2.17: Call for sorrow & call to repentance
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Unformatted text preview: o People called to grieve over judgement Locust plague?: 1.4, 11; 2.9, 25 Enemy invasion?: 1.6; 2.1-7, 20 o Purpose of judgement was to bring about repentance- 2.12-14 What to know about Joel o When did he prophesy? Date uncertain o What metaphor does the prophet use to picture the judgement of YHWH? A locust plague o How has that metaphor been interpreted by scholars? Literally or figuratively...
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