Extreme weather rising of sea level arcsc change unit

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Unformatted text preview: ing oceans on humans §༊  Read and interpret data from tables and figures §༊  Evaluate source material §༊  Evaluate current scienSfic knowledge Course Schedule UNIT 1 §༊  Changing climate §༊  How do we know what we know about climate change? §༊  Extreme weather §༊  Rising of sea level §༊  ArcSc Change UNIT 2 §༊  Ocean AcidificaSon §༊  Coral Reefs §༊  Commercial shellfish UNIT 3 §༊  Oceans & Human Health §༊  HABs §༊  Viruses §༊  PolluSon UNIT 4 §༊  Ocean engineering §༊  Carbon sequestraSon §༊  Iron ferSlizaSon §༊  Energy Ocean 102: Syllabus LECTURE: MTWF 1:30- 2:20PM, Kane 210 §༊ Lecture materials posted on the course website §༊ Regular class aHendance is encouraged and will help students learn and retain course material...
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