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Unformatted text preview: Word (or other text editor) and save them. §༊ If you do not receive a confirmaSon code, your answers were not recorded §༊ No late assignments §༊ No makeup assignments §༊ Part 2 in- class acSvity §༊Must be present in quiz secSon to earn points §༊ Lowest two assignment scores dropped §༊ 10 assignments, only 8 count toward final grade Exams & Grading EXAMS: §༊ Four mulSple choice (scantron form required) exams §༊ Non- cumulaSve §༊ Concepts building §༊ Lowest exam score dropped §༊ No make- up exams §༊ UW AthleScs and Academics excused with documentaSon EXAM DATES: Exam 1 January 24th Exam 2 February 7th Exam 3 February 28th NO FINAL EXAM Exam 4 March 14th Grading GRADING: Assignments: 2...
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