A Systematic Approach to Planning for a Designed Industrial

By using a systematic approach to predesign planning

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Unformatted text preview: results are effectively reported. By using a systematic approach to predesign planning, there is greater likelihood that the first three conditions will occur. This increases the likelihood of the fourth. Then the experiment is likely to produce its primary productnew knowledge. 2.1 Relevant Background The relevant background supporting the objectives should include information from previous experiments, routinely collected observational data, physical laws, and expert opinion. The purposes of providing such information are (a) to establish a context for the experiment to clearly understand what new knowledge can be gained; (b) to motivate discussion about the relevant domain knowledge, since TECHNOMETRICS, FEBRUARY 1993, VOL. 35, NO. 1 4 DAVID E. COLEMAN AND DOUGLAS C. MONTGOMERY e unbiased, specific, measurable, and 9. List restrictions on the experiment, e.g., ease of changing control variables, methods of data acquisition, materials, duration, number of runs, type of experimental unit (need for a split-plot design), “illegal” or irrelevant experimental regions, limits to randomization, run order, cost of changing a control variable setting, etc.: 10. Give current design preferences, blocking and randomization: if any, and reasons for preference, including 11. If possible, propose analysis and ANOVA, regression, plots, t tests, etc.: 12. Who will be responsible 13. Should presentation for the coordination trial runs be conducted? techniques, e.g., plots, of the experiment? Why I why not? Figure 2. Predesign Master Guide Sheet. This guide can be used to help plan and design an experiment. It serves as a checklist to accelerate experimentation and ensures that results are not corrupted for lack of careful planning. Note that it may not be possible to answer all questions completely. If convenient, use the supplementary sheets for 4-8. such discussion may change the consensus of the group, hence the experiment; and (c) to uncover possible experimental regions of particular interest and others that s...
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