A Systematic Approach to Planning for a Designed Industrial

Some trial runs have saved experiments from disaster

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Unformatted text preview: conduct complex experiments, careful planning with attention to detail is critical. Predesign planning TECHNOMETRICS, FEBRUARY 1993, VOL. 35, NO. 1 C. MONTGOMERY is one part of the process by which experiments are conceived, planned, executed, and interpreted. It is often the part claimed by no one, hence it is often done informally-and sloppily. The use of predesign experiment guide sheets provides a way to systematize the process by which an experimentation team does this planning, to help people to (a) more clearly define the objectives and scope of an experiment and (b) gather information needed to design an experiment. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We much appreciate the patient tolerance of the people who cooperated in the first use of this systematic approach, especially E. Malecki, R. Sanders, G. S. Smith, and R. Welsh, who provided the initial opportunity. G. Hahn, members of the Alcoa Laboratories Statistics group (L. Blazek, M. Emptage, A. Jaworski, K. Jensen, B. Novic, and D. Scott), P. Love, and M. Peretic also provided useful insight and comments. The thoughtful comments provided by the referees and editor considerably improved the article. [Received July 1991. Revised April 1992.1 REFERENCES Bishop, T., Petersen, B., andTrayser, D. (1982), “Another Look at the Statistician’s Role in Experimental Planning and Design,” The American Statistician, 36, 387-389. Box, G. E. P., Hunter, W. G., and Hunter, J. S. (1978), Starisrics for Experimenfers, New York: John Wiley. Eisenhart, C. (1962). “Realistic Evaluation of the Precision and Accuracy of Instrument Calibration Systems,” Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, 67C, 161-187. Hahn, G. (1977). “Some Thing Engineers Should Know About Experimental Design,” Journal of Quality Technology, 9, 1320. (1984), “Experimental Design in a Complex World,” Technometrics, 26, 19-31. Hoadley, A., and Kettenring, J. (1990). “Communications Between Statisticians and Engineers/Physical Scientists” (with commentary), Technometrics, 32, 243-274. Hunter, W. G. (1977), “Some Ideas About Teaching Design of Experiments With 25 Examples of Experiments Conducted by Students,” The American Statistician, 31, 12- 17. McCulloch, C. E., Boroto, D. R., Meeter, D., Polland, R., and Zahn, D. A. (1985), “An Expanded Approach to Educating Statistical Consultants,” The American Statistician, 39, 159167. Montgomery, D. C. (1991), Design and Analysis of Experimenrs (3rd ed.) New York, John Wiley. Natrella, M. G. (1979). “Design and Analysis of Experiments,” in Quality Control Handbook, ed. J. M. Juran, New York: McGraw-Hill, pp. 27-35....
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