A Systematic Approach to Planning for a Designed Industrial

The experimenter should however also be encouraged to

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Unformatted text preview: ussion. The experimenter should, however, also be encouraged to document as much of the above information as possible ahead of time” (p, 25). Unfortunately, as Hahn observed, “Not all experimenters are willing to prepare initial documentation” (p. 26). Moreover, not all of the relevant issues may be thoroughly thought out-hence, the need for face-to-face discussions, during which, as Hahn advised, “The statistician’s major functions are to help structure the problem, to identify important issues and practical constraints, and to indicate the effect of various compromises on the inferences that can be validly drawn for the experimental data” (P. 21). The guide sheets proposed in this article outline a systematic “script” for the verbal interaction among the people on the experimentation team. When the guide sheets are completed, the team should be well equipped to proceed with the task of designing the experiment, taking into account the needs and constraints thus identified. 2. PREDESIGN MASTER GUIDE SHEET AND SUPPLEMENTARY SHEETS The guide sheets consist of a “Master Guide Sheet,” plus supplementary sheets and two tutorials. These are schematically illustrated in Figure 1. The supplementary sheets are often more convenient for items 3-7. The Master Guide Sheet is shown in Figure 2. It is stripped of the blank space usually provided to fill in the information. Blank copies will be provided by the authors on request. Discussion of issues related to different pieces of the Master Guide Sheet and the supplementary sheets follows. Writing the objective (item 2, Fig. 2) is harder than it appears to most experimenters. Objectives should be (a) unbiased, (b) specific, (c) measurable, and (d) of practical consequence. To be unbiased. the experimentation team must encourage participation by knowledgeable and interested people with diverse perspectives. The data will be allowed to speak for themselves. To be specific and measurable, the objectives should be detailed and stated so that it is...
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